I can’t make:

Sunday May 2nd (as I am away for the weekend) – Nor can I (D of E)
Sunday May 16th (as I am in Cambridge) – Nor can I (away with Louise)
Sunday May 30th (as I have lots of people over) – Nor can I (D of E). I won’t be able to do the Bank holiday Monday 31st either.

May is a very busy month for me. However, this means I CAN do:

Monday May 3rd (whatever we end up doing) – I’m free this day
Sunday May 9th – I’m free this day
Sunday May 23rd – I’m free this day
Sunday June 6th – I’m free this day

Beyond that I don’t know yet, but it is likely I will go back to being free every Sunday.

I can’t do the 13th of June or 11th of July


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