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Hopefully this wiki will allow us to share our ideas, maps and other info for the campaign without all the players seeing it.

Feel free to add in any pages you want or change the organisation of things – It seems sensible to me to use this front page as a sort of contents page linking to everything else.

I’m guessing that we will need the following pages.

Overview of the plot

Chapter 1 – The characters attempt the trials set by the Order of the Crimson Order in the hopes of gaining a place within the Order.

Chapter 2 – Characters go to Daggerford Masey and defend it against the monsters attacking it.

Chapter 3 – Characters go to the wooded glen, find the un-sealed prison, explore it, fight and kill genesi, ending with mote taking off.

Chapter 4a – start to find ways to escape mote.

Background info


Daggerford Masey

Wooded Glen

Genesi prison

Surface of mote

Interior of mote

Gauntlet Dungeon






Glen guard

Labourers and other residents of Masey


Plot development

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