Chapter 1

New Recruits

After hearing that the Order of the Crimson Tower are recruiting, heroic adventurers from far and wide are drawn to Daggerford, after arriving in Daggerford the adventurers have a few days before the recruitment begins in earnest.

After the events of the previous campaign, the main contingent of the Order of the Crimson Tower return to Daggorford considerably richer, and bearing the head of a vicious green dragon. As our new adventurers explore Daggerford, a fanfare at the castle draws their attention, and following the crowds in the streets they head into the castle grounds.

On a brightly decorated stage, adventurers in gleaming armour and colourful robes stand to one side, while Duke Rillor of Daggerford steps forward to address the crowd. Congratulating the group on their success, he bestows upon them the title “Champions of Daggerford” and declares the day a holiday in their honour. The crowd cheers as the Dragon’s head is hoisted on chains to a lofty position on Ducal Castle’s walls, and the collection of figures on the stage head back into the castle.

A few days later, arriving in time for the trials – the group registers with Marina, describing their characters in the process. After registration is complete the group waits for the trials to begin. Eventually, Tserein and Araenon approach the group – promising them fame and fortune if they are capable, dependable and loyal. Araenon then knocks out the crowd of rectruits (sleep, at paragon level can be counted as irresistable).

When the party awakes, they are alone together, in the Gauntlet.

After emerging from the Gauntlet, the party is accosted by the Daggerford Militia and taken before the Duke, depending on the outcome of the Dungeon depends on the outcome of this conversation – but regardless of the result the adventurer’s are accepted into the Order on good (or mediocre) terms.

Chapter 1

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